PS-Omega 3 Conjugate

PS-Omega 3 is an exclusive and rare compound of conjugated Phosphatidylserine-Omega3. It mimics the structure-function of the human PS for a better support of memory & mental performance.

Both forms appear in both powder and fluid, have gained GRAS and are based on conjugation of those fatty acid to the PS’s backbone.

Research shows that PS-Omega-3 :

  • Body-Ready: resembles the functional form of natural (brain and breast milk) PS
  • In animal models was shown to:
  • increases DHA availibility in the brain
  • exhibit synergistic effect on cognitive abilities
  • Exhibits higher efficacy in various human studies.
  • Most clinically tested form of PS.
  • DHA Saturation and Natural PS

    PS-DHA, a functional form of PS in the brain is also found in human milk. The graph below, represents the various concentrations of conjugated DHA.

    The grey matter is involved in the transfer and processing of information where as white matter’s primary function as of natural insulation and transport of communication.

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    Adopted from: Svennerholm et al.1968 and Bitman et al.1984.5

    DHA Brain Bioavailability

    In this publised study (see: Vaisman et al.), it was shown that PS-omega3 had significantly increased brain DHA levels, compared to any equivalent supplement, such as “regular” DHA or a blend of DHA and PS.

    The increased bioavailability was also translated into a significant improvement in cognitive abilities and mood pattern of the aged rats.

    Clinical studies evaluating the effect of bovine-derived PS on cognition:

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